From the 13th century onwards bagpipes were clearly a popular instrument in England. What we know about them now comes from pictures, carvings and written descriptions. This evidence is abundant, and  has proved a rich source for developing my unique range of English bagpipes.

English Great Pipe
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This strident mouth-blown pipe takes its inspiration from a famous early English bapiper, the Miller in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. It is available in a range of keys and drone configurations.
Leicestershire Smallpipe
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A versatile and popular English bagpipe which for twenty years has proved simple enough for beginners but challenging enough for more experienced players. Mouth- or bellows-blown; available in a range of keys. Mouth-blown sets in D usually available from stock.
Double Pipe

Cornish Double Pipe
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Based on an early 16th Century Cornish carving , these double-pipes have exciting possibilities for harmonies, counter melodies and moveable drone effects
Double Pipe
Based on a 16th Century carving form North Devon, this is a loud double-pipe with a drone and plenty of possibilities for harmonies and counter-melodies.
Double Pipe

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Based on a description in the Talbot manuscripts from the 1690's, this is a double smallpipe with a quiet, sweet tone and possibilities for playing harmonies and counter melodies. Available in a range keys, mouth- or bellows-blown.