Today Scotland is world-renowned for its Great Highland Bagpipe, but there have been a variety of other pipes played here over the ages, from the 14th century mouth-blown pipes similar to my 'English Great Pipes' to the variety of bellow-blown pipes of the pipes of the 18th century which  have undergone a revival in the the past 25 years.

Scottish Smallpipe

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These are a quieter, indoor bellows- or mouth-blown pipe, with a rich tone; popular with highland pipers. Available in a range of keys.
Border Bagpipe The Border, or Lowland bagpipe is a loud pipe with a conical chanter in A. It can be bellows- or mouth-blown.
18th century
Great Highland

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Pìob mhòr, or Great Highland bagpipe: a critical reproduction of originals believed to pre-date Culloden (1746). The chanter was played by the Blind Piper of Gairloch, ‘the lad who outstripped MacCrimmon’ (an gille toirt bàrr air MacCruimein).


Montgomery Smallpipes

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A copy of the earliest known Scottish smallpipe (1757), currently housed in The Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. This enchanting, sweet toned pipe can be mouth-blown, (as original) or bellows-blown.