English Bagpipes?


Think bagpipes, think Scotland - yes?  
Here's a surprsing fact: in Scotland there are fewer than 10 depictions of pipers that date from before the beginning of the 18th century; in England no-one has yet counted how many there are - new ones are uncovered every year; the total number so far is prbably around 100 if not more.  

SO - there were bagpipes familiarly played all over theBritish Isles icluding places such as Cornwall, Worcestershire, Lancahire and Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Kent and so on, as well as Northumberland, the only area where indigenous piping survived. And thses bagpipes came in many different designs, none of which look anything like the familiar Highland bagpipe.

Not just in the countryside, but in towns and royal palaces; the first mention of a bagpipiper in Britain is in the court accounts of Edward II in 1286 - and Henry VIII had at least three sets of bagpipes in his inventory.


I hope that this page will slowly accumulate a collection of imagery from this rich resource - even perhaps a map on which you can pin pipers you encounter.